Un pensiero su “AVELINA LESPER 4

  1. I´m sorry I´m writting in english (italian is wonderful, but mine is worse than poor). I´m from México, so I´ve been following -somewhat worried- the great success among common people of Avelina´s preaching. Her conceptions about art is, basically: everything about “avantgard art” is nothing but a cheat, icluding figures like Tapies, Duchamp, or movementes like surrealism; her agenda includes to attack everything different from “oil on canvas” -whatever is different from that is, by no means, possibly artistic-. She simply ignores any succesuful case of artistic Video or Performance, or instalation, even though I personally found very moving works on those media. Of course, someone like my -who loves and studies artistic heritage of western culture from the past centuries to contemporary manifestations, with comprehensive and sympathetical attitude- are “cheaters, liars or, at least, gullible”. Of course, there are many art thinkers, artists and art lovers in my country and beyond, that deeply disagree with Avelina, because of her penchant to make unfair generalizations and adulterate the facts about what Avantgarde art aimed to do.

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